Driveway Terminology Guide

Alignment Tool

Used to ensure blocks are aligned.

CAT and Genny Scanner

Machine used to locate service pipes before starting dig out of job.

Damp Proof Membrane

A material made of polypropylene that is laid to prevent damp in brick walls.


Blocks laid at the edge of driveways and patios.


The concrete layer which is required to build walls on.


The finished level of the driveway or patio, usually ground level

Honeycomb System

Plastic system used on gravel driveways to minimise migration of gravel.


Mortar or grout applied to bricks and stones to build walls.


Stone edging to a raised path or raised driveway.


Workable material used to bind bricks and stones together when building walls.

Permeable Blocks

Specific blocks which allow water to quickly run through the driveway or patio.

Screeding Tool

Tool used to smooth concrete after it has been laid.

Sharp Sand

Otherwise known as ‘Builders Sand’, grittier than normal sand and provides a base for many driveways and patios.


The layer of material that is laid on top of the sub-grade and below the driveway or patio. The material itself is also referred to by this name.


The material and level which is excavated to. The last layer of natural material on a job.

Wacker Plate

Vibrating machine used to compact and solidify materials and blocks.

Wall Caps

Laid on top of exterior brick walls.

Wall Copings

A stone, concrete or brick covering which is laid on top of exposed walls to stop water seeping into the wall.

Weed Proof Membrane

A layer of fabric laid to help prevent the growth of weeds through driveways and patios.


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