Resin Bound

Resin bound gravel gives you the attraction of washed natural stone in a tough durable UV stable resin. It’s flexible, offers plenty of options and can be driven on the day after it’s installed.

The resin is strong enough to bind every stone, so you can use it indoors as well as for outdoor driveways, paths or ramps. It’s stain proof against petrol, diesel and oil spills. If you need to clean up, it’s tough enough to withstand pressure washing. Water can freely flow through its surface to drain below. But it’s resistant to weeds taking root. What’s more resin bound gravel is quick and flexible to install.

Talk to us about your options:

The stones used in resin bonded gravel come in a huge range of sizes, styles and colours. So get in touch to see which option suits you best. 0800 135 7000.