Block Paving Driveway- Mountcastle Edinburgh

What a fantastic project for our guys at Hallmark Driveways Edinburgh. This stunning property in Musselburgh East Lothian has been totally transformed by a Heather Block Paving Driveway and Artificial Grass at the rear of the property.

Block Paving Driveway- Mountcastle Edinburgh

Another great project for Hallmark Driveways in the Edinburgh area. As you can see these old slabs have seen better days. They’re dull and grey and not the prettiest on the eye.

First thing we do at Hallmark is dig the job at the correct depth to create a solid sub base. So important!

We’ve taken out over 30 Tonnes of rubble! It may seem excessive but it’s definitely needed as the sub base has to be solid so the driveway lasts for years. Hallmark Driveways gives a 10 Year Guarantee on all our driveways.

The sub base is made up of Type 1 hardcore. We layer it and compact it solidly at the correct depth and make sure the levels are correct for drainage. All water should run away from the house to a channel drain at the garage entrance. We install all the drains necessary to make sure there’s no issues with heavy rain.

Once it’s all sanded and levelled we’re ready to lay the block paving. These blocks are called ‘Sienna’ from the Tobormore Range. Hallmark Driveways are Tobormore approved and we can be found on their list of accredited Driveway Installers around Edinburgh and the Lothians.
Great quality materials that are a pleasure to work with.

All drainage and levels are done by Hallmark Driveways Edinburgh. It’s important all surface water flows away from the property and taken away by a Chanel drain like above.

The Driveway is taking shape. These ‘Sienna’ paving blocks are one size which gives the Driveway a certain regimental look. The charcoal border around the edge will soften it and add a decorative feature. Hallmark Driveways takes great pride in the work we do and we hope our descriptive posts demonstrates this.

Recessed manhole cover cut precisely with the block gives the Driveway that immaculate look. It’s always the small things that make such a difference. Attention to detail!

Finished product. The overall finish says it all.
As you can see this driveway can easily take 3 cars.
Our client wanted Artificial Grass at front of the property which works really well with this block paving drive. It breaks it up and the colour green is a stunning contrast to the grey. Grey seems to be very popular in Edinburgh at the moment. The Tobormore Range have a huge selection of paving blocks and colours.
This is what it makes it all worth while. This driveway in the heart of Edinburgh looks spectacular especially with the landscaping at the front. We at Hallmark Driveways take great pride in the work we do and we think these photos of our work show this.