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Block Paving Driveway – Vandeluer Avenue Edinburgh

4th October 2018
It’s obvious this path hasn’t been touched in years! It’s in terrible condition and in desperate need of attention. This driveway is also dangerous as the slabs are uneven and unstable!
After a massive dig out we hardcore it and created a solid sub base. Unfortunately the photos of the dig out were corrupted. There’s been a huge amount of work for Hallmark to get to this stage.
This is a recessed manhole. Drains showing on a driveway or a patio aren’t the prettiest to look at. Fortunately this clever design allows us to hide the drain to a certain degree adding to the over look of the driveway.
The monoblock is carefully cut and placed into the recessed manhole cover. You can see it looks much better than a drain cover.
This grey monoblock driveway has charcoal edgings and a charcoal border. It’s a nice contrast and it keeps everything tied in. Everything is neat and tidy on the eye.
This monoblock driveway is a massive transformation! It’s been a lot of work but it’s been rewarding as the difference is plain to see. The whole area including the home has been greatly improved.
We’ve taken an unstable path and created a driveway that can easily accommodate 2 cars.
We at Hallmark Driveways talk to all our customers and give advice and guidance on how to maximise their space. Whether it’s a driveway or patio we know what works best and the materials to choose from. Every driveway is unique and every customer is unique and this keeps our work exciting.

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