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Block Paving Driveway – Marionville Drive Edinburgh

26th February 2019


Another driveway for Hallmark Driveways Edinburgh. As you can see the old slabs have collapsed and it doesn’t look the greatest. Our customers wanted to be able to drive their car on a solid drive. At the moment it’s crumbling beneath them an not ideal. Plus it was too narrow.

Driveway completely dig out and now ready for a solid sub base that will support the driveway for years to come. As you can see we’ve made the drive wider to accommodate their vehicle and leave enough space to step out with lots of clearance.
Hardcore has been put in and completely whacked solid. Now the sand!
Hallmark Driveways makes sure the sub base is solid in every way. Here we’re whacking the sand which again makes the bad solid. Now we screed the sand smooth ready for laying.
Perfection! Now the block paving can be laid. The preparation is the most difficult but so important. We don’t take short cuts and we take great pride in what we do.
We don’t tryst our eyes at Hallmark. Everything has to be lined up perfectly with strings and levels to make sure the consistency continues!
This Block Paving is a Shannon block from Tobormore. It looks stunning down and creates a slick modern driveway.
Driveway is complete.
As you can see we’ve made the driveway much bigger which accommodates our clients car easily.
Charcoal border with charcoal kerb edging. Again it’s decorative but it also stops soil from the garden spilling over and spoiling the driveway. It also channels the rainwater down into the drain.
This block paving drive looks fantastic. Some white quartz chips on the left keeps everything looking sharp.
Another driveway done with Hallmark Driveways. Our customer is delighted with the outcome and left us an excellent google review.

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