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Common Driveway Pests

23rd June 2019

When it comes to our driveways we’d all like them to look their best all of the time, but for this we need to deal with three common pests. Algae, moss and lichens thrive on hard surfaces so often make themselves at home on driveways, paths and patios.

These pests can grow all year round in rainy conditions as they flourish in the damp and shade. You’ll probably notice more growth in the winter months so it’s important to deal with them as soon as you can, otherwise your whole driveway could become covered.

Algae, moss and lichen not only look unsightly but they also make surfaces very slippery, especially when it’s been raining. This can be especially hazardous to the elderly, people with mobility problems and children.

What do algae, moss and lichens look like?
Most people find that they don’t just have one of these pests, they have two or more.

  • Algae – A green slime-like growth that often starts off in-between your bricks or paving slabs but soon covers your whole drive in a green film.
  • Moss – These growths grow in clumps and are bright green in colour. They are furrier in appearance than algae.
  • Lichens – Regularly mistaken for moss. They tend to appear in circular growths on bricks or paving slabs, giving them a spotty appearance. They can be silver-grey, grey-green, orange or yellow, depending on the particular variety.

There are a number of different ways you can rid your drive of algae, moss and lichens. Some are more time consuming and labour-intensive than others.

Tackling the problem

  • Non-chemical control – This requires a lot of elbow grease and you have to keep repeating the process as algae, moss and lichens will keep growing back. You could spend days on your hands and knees using a knife to cut out the moss between your brickwork only to have to do it again a few months down the line. Pressure washing your driveway might seem a good idea initially, as it’s less time consuming than the knife method but you could actually make the situation worse as these pests thrive in damp conditions.
  • Chemical control – It is much easier to use the right kind of chemical control. We would highly recommend you use a treatment like Wet & Forget because it only needs applying once and it will protect your driveway all year long as it continually reactivates.


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